Factors and Levels


Factors Fill in your factor names. The number of factors can be between 2 and 10.

No factors added. Add at least two factors before adding levels.
Fill in levels for your factor. Each factor can have 2 or 3 levels.

Add at least two levels to each factor. Avoid duplicating levels within a factor. Remove special characters from the levels.

DoE Table


Please complete the 'Factors and Levels' tab.


Screening Design Settings


Please complete the 'Factors and Levels' tab.
Choose the method for generating the Design of Experiment table. Screening Design utilizes 2-level methods (no curvature). The list of methods is dynamic. Options vary depending on the number of factors and leves.


Response Surface Design Settings


Please complete the 'Factors and Levels' tab.

Factor Analysis


Regresson Model




Quick Guide

The Experimental Design Online application is managed by Scandinavian Institute of Business Analytics SCANBA . The application is free to use and does does not store or record any data.

1. Factors and Levels

Enter your experimental design variable names (factors) and values (levels). Examples of factors are ‘color’, ‘size’, ‘shape’, etc. Examples of levels are ‘red’ and ‘blue’ for ‘color’; 10, 20, 30 for ‘size’; ‘square’ and ‘round’ for 'shape'.

2. DoE Table

Select the number of measured responses and DoE types. Enter your responses into the DoE table. Use the ‘Settings’ button to set up the particular design.

3. Factor Analysis

Study the effect size for each factor and response breakdown.

4. Regression Model

Select the regression model and create it by pressing the ‘Create the Model’ button. Study the statistics.

5. Optimization

Use the buttons to find factor levels for minimum and maximum possible responses. Use sliders to fine-tune the response values.


The Open Educator by Prof. Shaheen Ahmed, Minnesota State University, United States. The resource contains thorough information on Experimental Design (Design of Experiments).

Six Sigma Certify , Okinawa, Japan. The company trains professionals from over 120 contries about practical implementation of lean operations and Six Sigma.